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Hello and welcome to EnchasedThought! I hope you will love every second of exploring this website.

In regards to introducing myself, my name is Hannah Moynihan. I am a 16-year old artist and hobby writer who loves the Lord and can’t wait for the future! I have always been independent (perhaps too much so, as my parents might add), and it has led to hundreds of creative endeavors throughout the years, some of which I will be sharing with you.

As mentioned above, I am an abstract realist painter at heart, but I also draw and work with spraypaint and other mediums. Abstract realism is not a well-known or well defined branch of artistic style, but road I have pursued with it is to create semi-abstract paintings that include realistic elements. This creates a wonderful middle-ground between viewers who are able to appreciate abstract art, and those that prefer full realism. It is also an extremely effective outlet for all the scenes in my head. 🙂 If you would like to see some examples of abstract realism, check out my art here.

So what is this blog all about?

My hope is that by exploring this blog, you will be able to enhance your creative abilities and be inspired to create on your own. There will be two main categories that seek to accomplish this:

  • Art/Design: Posts in this category will include things like art tips, gallery photos, and color pallets designed especially to fit housing needs.
  • Writing/Reading: I am just about the most avid reader you will ever find, and I want to share some of these books with you! Look for must-read lists and recommendations. As for creative writing, keep an eye out for blog contests where you will have a chance to be featured on this blog!

Some of you may be wondering why I chose the name “EnchasedThought.” Some of you may not have even known that the word “enchase” existed! But I would like to explain it to you, because the name holds a special place in my heart.

“EnchasedThought” is actually the name of an art piece of mine, shown below. It is the first piece that moved me away from a tedious and unenjoyable realistic approach to art. I had always done realism, because that was what I was good at. Very good. And no one expected me to do anything different. Yes, I always had my creative ideas, but ironically I never expressed them in my art. But as I continued to learn and grow, realistic art became less satisfying and thoroughly unenjoyable, to the point where I stopped all artistic creation for over a year. But at the start of my sophomore year in high school, I received a new art teacher who challenged me to actually branch out and create a style of my own. And this was the result. I don’t believe that I have completely sharpened my style yet, but I am much happier creating art now then I ever was.

The name “Enchased Thought” is based off of the 19th century word


1. decorate (a piece of jewelry or work of art) by inlaying, engraving, or carving.
2. place (a jewel) in a setting.

My purpose for naming this piece after this word was that, as this piece represents much of my thought process, as I ornament my artwork with care and freedom, so my thoughts are engraved and refined. The product is beauty. Beautiful thoughts, and beautiful art, coming together.

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